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...because what you don't know really can hurt you

It should. Because contrary to the old adage, what you don't know can indeed hurt you. That's why law firms, public entities and private employers have turned to S. K. Nelson & Company for their fact finding needs for more than 30 years.


At S. K. Nelson & Company, experienced licensed investigators with specialized skills, training and expertise produce the quality information required to make the most delicate legal and business decisions. We provide a work product that is completely integrated with the relevant issues, thus helping you solve problems, mitigate risk, make critical decisions, and save money.

In business and in litigation, crucial information is never too large or too small. Whether you require an individual item of specific information or comprehensive factual investigation, S. K. Nelson & Company has the expertise and resources to meet your needs.


So don't permit your business, your clients, or your employees to be compromised by a lack of evidence or incomplete information. Let the experts get involved. Because after all, what you don't know really can hurt you.

Does professional investigation have a role in your business?

We offer several specialized services along with general litigation support .




We serve a variety of public and private sector clients.



Find answers to your frequently asked questions.



At the inception of each engagement, we work with you to formulate a strategy which identifies the issues and objectives, the processes to be utilized, the resources to be deployed, the project timetable, and a reasonable cost estimate. This strategic approach enables us to work   intelligently and cost effectively while focusing with precision upon the information you need. When the project is complete, we provide the information you need in thorough, well-written documentation.




  • We are committed to providing consistently high quality services that are tailored to your   changing needs.

  • We pledge to vigorously pursue every engagement while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • We are committed to your complete satisfaction through superior service and work product excellence.


  • We promise to price our services so that they provide real value for your investigative dollar.


S. K. Nelson & Company

Post Office Box 26494

Fresno, CA 93729

Tel: 559-227-9340  · Fax: 559-227-9343

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